iPhone App Showing Friends' Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop Recommendations
iPhone App Showing Friends' Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop Recommendations


LocalSpin allows you to share your favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes with your Facebook friends and see your friends favorite places. Other sites and apps rely on strangers to tell you where to eat.  From now on, Good Friends Recommend™

Your Friends: Recent

LocalSpin’s Recent feed gives you quick access to the most recent recommendations from friends you trust.

Your Food: Find

Don’t have a specific spot in mind? No problem. The Find page provides a list of local restaurants by distance. LocalSpin’s Search box lets you browse by restaurant, bar, or coffeeshop. Check out all of the places that LocalSpin users have recommended, or stick to ones that only your Facebook friends have visited.

Your Recommendations: Write

By using the Write page, you can quickly write a recommendation based on your current location or search nearby. Feel like elaborating? Share your thoughts in 200 characters or less. You can even tag ‘great for’ keywords (Breakfast, lunch, date night, etc).

Your History: Favorites

LocalSpin’s Favorites page lets you keep a list of your top places and your friends’ recommendations in one convenient place. Refer back to your history to remind yourself of places you’ve been meaning to try. Need a little friendly inspiration for your next meal? Try searching your friends’ favorites.

Your Reputation: Foodie Score ™

LocalSpin’s Foodie Score is a unique and fun way to measure just how big of a foodie you and your friends are. Your Foodie Score™ is calculated using our own algorithm, based on a combination of your LocalSpin usage and your social media reach. Rack up your score by inviting friends to LocalSpin and writing recommendations. Reach a score of 100 and secure your reputation as the ultimate foodie!

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